Reflective & Hi Visibility Dog Coats

Want to keep your dog dry and warm in the winter? Look no further than our reflective & high-visibility dog-coats - they even come with fleece-lining!
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Reflective Waterproof Dog Coat



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Fully Reflective Explorer Dog Vest



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Reflective Waterproof Fleece Lined Dog Coat



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If you exercise your dog in a busy urban environment, or even need to use public roads for sections of your rural walks, a reflective dog jacket or high viz dog coat will not only provide protection against an unexpected deluge, it could one day save your dog's life.

Keep your canine companions warm, dry and safe on the roads with the range of Proviz dog coats. Choose between a brightly coloured


Both coats are available as either a lightweight outer layer, perfect for athletic endeavours and for spring and summer activities, or with a comfortable polyester fleece lining to keep your furry friend warm in cold and wet weather.

Proviz doggy coats allow your dog to walk, run and play normally, without impairing their usual range of motion. There are no uncomfortable buckles or bulky materials, just easy-on-and-off velcro fastenings and lightweight performance fabric. Our waterproof and windproof dog jackets even include a harness attachment hole, so that your dog can continue to wear his usual harness underneath his dog coat.

Available in a range of sizes - from dachsie dog coat to pointer jacket - and with adjustable neck and chest straps, you are sure to find size options that suit your dog. Offering extra protection against the elements and helping to keep your dog safe and seen, Proviz jackets for pooches are the pet coat of choice for rugged outdoors dogs and pampered pooches alike.

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