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Men's Fully Reflective Running Jacket


Size: XS
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  • 100% Reflective Material: High visibility for safety
  • Super Lightweight at 170g
  • Tailored Fit: Comfortable and stylish
  • Rear/Side/Under Arm Mesh for Enhanced Breathability
  • Two side pockets
  • Windproof
  • Zip guard and lock zip
  • Elastic waist

Our commitment to technology is evident in features like REFLECT360, a game-changing material embedded with reflective glass beads that ensure maximum visibility from all angles.

Whether you're cycling through city streets or running on dark trails, REFLECT360 keeps you safe without compromising performance.

Embrace our cutting-edge advancements and experience how technology can enhance your performance and prioritize your safety like never before.

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Featured in 'Ten Ways to run safely this winter' - Essential Safety kit'
'WINNER of Best Jacket for visibility 2022 - The Technology is incredible'
As featured in Runner's World "Gear of the Year"
Style Fitness - 'Proviz is top of the market'
Featured in Runners Essentials - 'Astonishing Reflectivity'
Featured in 'Best Winter Workout gear - how to be safe and seen'
WINNER of 'Jacket of the Year' in 'Gear of the Year' feature.
'Make yourself visible to cars and cyclists with this reflective jacket that's won multiple awards for best workout gear'.

This unique revolutionary reflective fabric is engineered using millions of tiny, highly reflective beads. The incredibly innovative material is versatile so during the day is normal grey in colour but with light on it becomes astonishingly reflective.

Introducing the Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket, meticulously enhanced to elevate your experience. Conquer everyday low visibility challenges with our technologically advanced reflective running jacket.

Crafted to deliver exceptional visibility during low light conditions, it ensures you remain seen by motorists.

Revolutionary Reflectivity: Revolutionise your running safety with our signature reflective material, enveloping you in a 360-degree reflective surface. Each beam of external light transforms into a beacon of visibility, alerting drivers in advance with an unmatched radiance. Accredited with CE EN 20471 certification, this material sets new standards in safety.

Unburdened Comfort: We've prioritised your comfort by engineering a remarkably lightweight design. At an astonishingly light 170g, you'll glide effortlessly through your run.

Breathable Brilliance: Experience unrivaled ventilation with soft-mesh back and underarms. Stay cool and allow excess heat to dissipate, ensuring your run remains refreshing and sweat-free.

Beat your personal best with the Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket - where advanced technology meets unmatched safety.

Why you'll love your
REFLECT360 Running Jacket

The Material

Utilising millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the innovative material used for the REFLECT360 Running Jacket reflects light back from vehicle headlights, helping you to be seen more clearly on the road at night.

Lock Zip

A simple feature that makes a big difference, the lock zip on the REFLECT360 Running Jacket ensures that the zip does not slide down when you are out on your run.

The Lining

The REFLECT360 Running Jacket has a soft-touch, moisture wicking polyester mesh lining which acts as a climate control mechanism, increasing airflow by maintaining separation between your skin/shirt and the outer layer of the jacket.

Zip Garage

Another feature expressly included to keep you comfortable in the REFLECT360 Running Jacket on cold days is the zip garage, which helps to protect against neck chafing when your jacket is fully zipped up.

Side Pockets

Keep your essentials zipped up securely when out on your run. We've added handy zip pulls so you don't have to remove your gloves on those cold days!











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