Running Marathons in the UK

Running Marathons in the UK

It’s always rewarding to achieve your goals. To set yourself a challenge and work towards accomplishing it. You may even surprise yourself and surpass it by miles. You may set a distance challenge, a time challenge, a strength or weight-loss challenge; all will motivate you to work harder, faster, better. However, it’s no secret that the hardest you will probably work is when you are pitted against someone else; not in a Gladiator type scenario, but with a little healthy competition. What better way to test yourself against others and the clock than to take part in a marathon. There are countless running marathons all over the UK, catering to every fitness level and area of interest. We’ve narrowed down just a few.

Kent Roadrunner Marathon - 30th May, 2015
This marathon is aptly named, as runners complete 17 laps of a 2.59km track to finish the marathon. This isn’t for those who like to combine sightseeing with their marathon, as you will be running past the same surroundings 17 times in quick succession. This is for people focused on stamina, speed, and competing against their own times. There is a cut-off time of 6:30 hours, as all runners are expected to have finished by then. Registration ends on May 14th and starts at £34. Check out their website for more details:

Guernsey Waterfront Marathon – 30th August, 2015
Unlike the Kent Roadrunner Marathon, this one takes you through the picturesque surroundings of Guernsey. The 10 mile race starts at the waterfront and weaves through lanes and roads to reach the highest point on the island, then descends back down to the bay. Happening alongside the marathon is also a relay race with teams of either 2 or 5 runners. Registration costs start at £44 and the deadline is the day before the marathon, the 29th of August. For more information, have a look on their website:  

Run to the Beat 10k – 13th September, 2015
This London marathon suffered a bad year in 2013, receiving many complaints, but it has revamped its image and extended the course to 10 kilometres around Wembley Park. The event even has DJ sets after the race, incorporating a festival vibe with its “epic after party”. The marathon certainly appears to be targeting a younger demographic, yet there are no age restrictions in place. At £37.60 to register, it is fairly well priced. Take a look at their website:

Article by Hannah Rogan
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