Men’s Running Shorts

Designed for joggers, marathon runners and anyone in between, these shorts will keep you comfortable no matter how long you run for.
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Men's Lightweight Running Shorts


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Looking for comfortable and lightweight running shorts that provide optimal breathability and a perfect fit? Look no further than the Proviz range of men's running shorts.

Featuring an inner mesh that provides additional support, our shorts are made from high-performance, breathable materials that will keep you feeling cool and dry during even the most intense runs. Plus, with their high visibility and reflective trim and panelling, you'll be easily seen when running in low light or after dark.

Whether you prefer road or trail running, our range of men's running shorts comes in various colours to suit your style, including yellow, blue, red and pink. And if you're looking for additional support, check out our lycra-lined shorts for added comfort and stability.

And if you prefer to wear separate lycra shorts, we also offer our Pixelite running shorts, which combine high visibility with the latest in running technology. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect running shorts for you.

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