REFLECT360 Collection

Discover the pinnacle of visibility with our world famous Reflect360 Collection, where innovative design meets safety.

Crafted with the world's finest reflective material, this range ensures you Shine Brighter when it gets dark out, making it an essential choice for all your outdoor adventures.

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APEX Women’s 100% Reflective Cycling Jacket listing-lifestyle

APEX Women’s 100% Reflective Cycling Jacket


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This collection is globally renowned. By day the clothing and accessories in the REFLECT360 Collection are a stylish pale grey colour (or if you want to express your individuality the REFLECT360 CRS range provides 6 alternative colours). However, as soon as they are hit by light the reflective beads woven throughout the fabric transform any REFLECT360 wearer into a glowing apparition against the dark night. We challenge you to find any brighter sportswear! For those of you looking for some added functionality, the REFLECT360 Plus range provides more technical versions of the original products. This Collection includes high vis sportswear and accessories designed specifically for cycling, running and other outdoor activities.

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