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Our first consideration when designing a helmet (as we are sure is your first concern when buying one) is how safe is it? You can rest assured that Proviz helmets are made to the highest standards and all hold the CE EN 1078 (European Standard) Certification. To ensure the helmet stays put our intelligent adjustment system allows for a secure and comfortable personalised fit. On top of providing excellent protection for your head, our helmets also have the important safety feature of ensuring all other road users can see where it is. You can select from the Proviz Classics collection high vis coloured helmets with reflective capability or the REFLECT360 collection model which has our reflective technology fully integrated into the helmet. All models also come with optional LED lights. If you have an existing helmet you don’t want to let go of then Proviz can help you improve its safety with one of our fully reflective helmet covers.

As a cyclist, one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself safe when out and about on your bike is to wear a well-fitting cycle helmet that ticks all boxes when it comes to safety credentials. Whether your priority is performance and chasing faster times or comfort and cutting-edge design, you should never have to compromise on safety.

The Proviz range of comfortable, lightweight cycle helmets for men, women and children offers aerodynamic protection and is suitable for a whole range of cycling disciplines, from the daily commute to off-road mountain biking adventures.

The primary function of your chosen cycle helmet should of course be head safety and brain protection. All our helmets conform to safety standard EN 1078, come in a range of sizes and feature adjustable straps to ensure a good fit, no matter your head size. Some also include a dial fit system for fine-tuning the fit.

As the majority of products in our range prove, we believe that reflective and high viz detailing can help you avoid some accidents, so that you do not have to test the crash protection abilities of your favourite cycling helmet. An additional safety feature that many more expensive helmets omit to include, all Proviz cycling helmets either come in bright colours or feature reflective elements - some do both!

If you have already found a favourite helmet from another brand but worry that it's not high-viz enough to be doing much to keep you safe on the road, you could try one of our cycle helmet covers. These fit securely over favourite road bike helmets, mountain bike helmets and commuter helmets alike, maintaining their breathability but enhancing your visibility to other road users.

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