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Whether your children like to enjoy muddy walks or play outside for hours, we have the kids outdoor clothing to suit. Find a range of jackets, beanies & accessories at Proviz.
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As every parent knows, safety comes first... most of the time! To help keep your kids safe when they are running around outdoors in low light or after dark we have produced a range of hi vis and reflective Kids products, including jackets and backpacks. We realise kids aren't always as good at looking after their kit as they could be so we have made sure all of our products are super durable and, as the weather rarely stops them, we have several warm, waterproof options for them to choose from.


Proviz has designed various Waterproof Kids Jackets. Fleece-lined jackets for extra warmth, shell jackets to keep at hand so your children can head outside even when the rain takes you by surprise and fluro jackets so they can be seen (by you and others) when they run on ahead! With clever use of colour blocking our new Nightrider Kids jacket not only looks brilliant but allows for the best visibility both in low light and in the dark.

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