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5 Things we Love About the REFLECT360 CRS Plus Jacket

5 Things we Love About the REFLECT360 CRS Plus Jacket

Our brand new REFLECT360 CRS Plus jacket has landed online. So we asked Proviz co-founder Rupert Langly-Smith to share the five things he loves about it (he has a green one himself).

Rupert Langly-Smith in the CRS Plus Jacket

1. It’s still got all the great REFLECT360 tech…

We like to think we take a ‘go hard or go home’ approach to high visibility and that’s certainly the ethos behind our REFLECT360 range material: muted grey-by-day, electric white at night, thanks to millions of tiny glass beads for (almost, but not quite) blinding reflectivity, lighting you up like a Christmas tree.

The beads reflect light back to its source, so if you’re cycling or running in the dark, a driver should be able to spot you sooner and manoeuvre appropriately. Described by one customer as ‘flashtastic’, the coloured reflective material is exclusive to Proviz and we’re quite proud of it. We’ve since introduced a range of colours for the more extroverted customer (more on this later).

2. It was inspired by our customers…

Our new Proviz REFLECT360 Plus cycling jacket is a more technical version of the original jacket we launched back in 2014. It’s upgraded reflective material (CE EN 20471 certified) was a hit, but people also wanted more choice, more functionality. We were asked if we could upgrade the jacket to offer the best of both the original REFLECT360 grey cycling jacket and the CRS jacket and deliver a hybrid. So we did.

We love getting constructive feedback from our community - it’s the best kind you can get! People were saying that they loved the original jacket but they would definitely buy another one if it had side pockets or more breathability. That’s where the improvements for this jacket came from. It was an obvious thing to do a plus version of the original CRS but it’s when people actually email you it makes the development process more exciting.

3. It’s a lightweight, but can still handle a night out…

We’ve worked tirelessly on developing a lighter weight material for the CRS Plus, because cycling is hard enough without feeling like you’re overheating under a thick, sleeping bag. This new jacket has more ‘through-flow’, as the front pockets can be opened up and used as vents to allow air in at the chest, and it can escape either out of the under arm or shoulder vents. In the colder months the front chest pockets are watertight and the size had been increased to deliver freer hand movement to access your belongings.

4. We’ve upgraded the spec…

The jacket is also highly breathable (10,000gm/24hr) and exceptionally waterproof (10,000mm), with taped inner seams to prevent water getting in at sewing lines. The jacket incorporates more pockets too; two outer chest, two side and one large back pocket, and the outer chest pocket also doubles as additional ventilation to help cool you down while you’re working up a sweat.

We always try to remember those little details and add-ons. One of the main differences with the CRS Plus is that the main reflective material is sort of hole punched and then has a breathable film attached to the back of that. It allows more heat to escape.

5. The aesthetics…

The first CRS jacket was the first ever fully reflective jacket to be manufactured in different colours and we wanted to continue that development. This new jacket has a more tailored fit than the last model. The two-tone fabric is new too. What I like about it is that it looks different, particularly with the black detailing to break up the jacket. I think it looks really slick.

Both the men’s and women’s version come in a number of colours, although green is proving popular with men and with women purple. I think the green is an unusual colour for the road, you see lots of yellows, a fair bit of orange, red and black. You can understand why people don’t just want another yellow jacket. They want to be seen and stick out from all the common colours and this bright green is a really cool shade. The same with the purple, it’s gone down very well so I’m glad we chose it.”

Womens CRS Plus Jacket


What our customers think means the most to us. They’re amazing to see on the site and on Trustpilot. Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve had so far:

- Well worth the money paid. In fact, I'd probably pay even more. Nice fit for me I'm very happy with my purchase.”

- “Just love the purple colour on this, great jacket.”

- “What a wonderful jacket, actually can't believe the effect it has and already getting lots of compliments.”

- “Every part is reflective and brings real peace of mind for someone who commutes on unlit country roads through the winter. I've demonstrated it to a couple of fellow riders who both placed orders immediately. As for respect on the road, it definitely works. You'll find cars want to sit behind you with their main beam on, just to look at how reflective it is.”

Article by Hannah Rogan
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