The best gifts for cyclists: Must-haves that every cyclist needs

The best gifts for cyclists: Must-haves that every cyclist needs

Finding gifts for cyclists can be a challenge, be it for a total beginner, casual weekend rider, daily commuter or seasoned road warrior. Every cyclist has their own individual needs, preferences and goals. But meeting the challenge can be exciting – and give you a taste for why the person you’re buying for loves their cycling so much. Read on for lots of inspiration and cycling gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any bike enthusiast. 


The best gifts for cyclists - the ultimate list

Whether you’re looking for something for your partner, friend, family member or colleague, the best cycling gifts will enhance their riding experience out on the roads. 


Waterproof cycling jacket

A waterproof jacket is a must-have for cycling in many countries, especially the UK. It’s essential for staying dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Make sure you get something that’s breathable to help regulate body temperature, as well as reflective to enhance visibility in the dark. You’ll want the jacket to be windproof, while built-in air vents, sealed pockets and good quality seams are desirable. 


Cycling jersey

Short sleeves, long sleeves, bright and highly visible or sleek and black: cycling jerseys come in an array of shapes and styles. Whatever you go for, choose one that wicks moisture away from the skin to help keep your recipient comfortable on their bike. You’ll also want to get something made with reflective materials to keep them safe too. Features like rear pockets and silicone hems are also worth looking out for. 


Bike lights

It’s a legal requirement to use lights and reflectors on your bike at night in the UK. Even if the person you’re buying for already ticks the legal box, they may still benefit from upgraded bike lights that’ll increase their visibility and safety on the road. Pick lights that are sleek, lightweight and easy to attach and detach. Keep an eye out for features such as long-life batteries, USB recharging and water and splash resistance too. 


Cycling socks

Often overlooked, a good pair of cycling socks can make a real difference to comfort in both warmer weather and cold, wet conditions. A poor choice could ruin a ride and leave feet sore, wet and cold, and lead to blisters. Go for a merino wool blend for warmth during winter and something lightweight for summer. 


Waterproof cycling backpack

No matter if it’s for a daily commute to work or a cycling adventure stretching over a number of days or even weeks, cycling backpacks should be waterproof and reflective. Look out for features like mesh pockets for water bottles, internal compartments and padded laptop sleeves, as well as ventilated back support, padded shoulder straps and waterproof covers. 


Cycling overshoes

Perfect for autumn and winter riding but also great for muddy and wet conditions any time of the year, you simply pop a pair of cycling overshoes over your regular footwear to keep your feet warm, dry and clean. They should be lightweight yet durable, as well as waterproof, windproof, reflective and adjustable. 


Other cycling gift ideas


Does the person you’re buying for already seem to have all the gear they need? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little different, or you’re after some cycling gifts for beginners to help them get started. Whatever it is, try to blend practicality with inspiration and enjoyment when you’re searching for gifts. 


Cycling books: From basic bike maintenance to cycling fitness routines and travel books filled with exciting road trips you can do on two wheels, there are countless different types of books to consider. These can provide valuable insight and inspiration for beginners and experienced cyclists alike, deepening their knowledge and appreciation for the sport. 


Bicycle repair tools: A set of repair tools is a great gift for a beginner in particular, as well as for anyone who doesn’t have this already. Ideal for making minor adjustments and handling common repairs, a compact, portable tool kit could help save the day for any level of cyclist on any kind of journey. 


Subscription to cycling magazines: A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving – quite literally every month, or whatever the frequency is. Beginners and pros alike can get the latest cycling news straight to their door, along with gear reviews, insight and advice. 


Water bottle: It’s essential to stay hydrated when cycling. An insulated water bottle keeps water at the right temperature during a ride, while hydration packs are really useful for longer rides, as they can hold more and are easy to drink from without stopping. 


Cycling gloves: A good quality pair of cycling gloves can significantly increase comfort on a ride, as well as safety in extreme conditions. They should be windproof, waterproof and reflective to keep hands warm and dry while improving visibility. 


Hopefully now you’ll have some strong ideas about what you should look for when shopping for gifts for cyclists. If you still can’t decide, why not grab a Proviz e-gift card. Available in a wide range of denominations to suit every budget, it’s the perfect way to let the person you’re buying for decide for themselves. 


Article by Sue Ritzdorf
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