What to wear for running in the rain - the essential kit list

What to wear for running in the rain - the essential kit list
It can be tough to get motivated for a run in the rain sometimes. A grey, gloomy sky is far less inviting than a clear blue one. Running in the rain is often unavoidable though if you want to stick to your training or fitness routine, especially if you live somewhere like the UK. But with the right gear, it can still be a lot of fun. Read on if you want to know what to wear for running in the rain, as we help you stay as dry, warm and happy as possible.

What to wear for running in the rain

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. With appropriate gear, you’ll be much better placed to enjoy the benefits of running in the rain. Like the therapeutic qualities it can bring, and the strange sense of relaxation that’s different to running in the dry. It can also be good for keeping your body temperature down, boosting your performance compared to running in high heat and humidity.

Running in the rain is great for your mental strength and resilience too. Knowing you’ve put in the hard yards in tough conditions can pay dividends if you’re training for something like a race or challenge or running a marathon. So let’s get into some of what we think are essential clothes for running in the rain.

Running jacket

A waterproof running jacket that’s also breathable is a must for cold and rainy weather. Choose something that’s made out of relatively lightweight material so it’s not too bulky, and keep an eye out for features like handy pockets. Jackets like ours have sealed seams for extra waterproofing, as they prevent water getting in through any zips. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s reflective, so you stay seen in gloomy conditions and at night.

Running top

If it’s a little too warm for running in a jacket, you may prefer to just wear a top. Whether it’s an April shower or a summer downpour, regular t-shirts can get too heavy when wet. A proper running top made from lightweight, reflective material will help to keep you both comfortable and safe when you’re out.

Running trousers

For full-body protection from the rain, think about a pair of waterproof trousers or over trousers. Whether you’re wearing them on their own or over a pair of shorts or tights, you’ll want them to be breathable as well as waterproof for maximum comfort.

Running shoes

Genuine waterproof running shoes are a game-changer in the wet, especially when you cover longer distances. Look for a pair specifically designed to stop water getting through the top of the shoe, keeping your feet dry even if you’re faced with heavy rain, puddles and mud. As well as being more comfortable, this will help to protect you from blisters.

Running socks

Choosing the right pair of running socks to match with your shoes is also key. Go for a pair of thick, breathable and moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Better still if they’re made from reflective material to give you an extra flash of visibility when you’re wearing shorts in low light.


Accessories for running in the rain

Beyond the basics, you may want to consider a few additional accessories for your wet weather runs. To have the best experience possible when you’re running in the rain, gear like we’ve listed below could really help.

Running gloves

Keep your hands warm and dry with a good pair of running gloves. Most appreciated in colder conditions, look out for gloves that are compatible with touchscreens so you can use your phone on the go.

Running hat

A lightweight hat or beanie will help to keep your head dry while regulating your body temperature on those cooler days. If you get too warm, simply take it off and pop it in your pocket.

Running backpack

If you’re covering particularly long distances, running to work or perhaps stopping for some food while you’re out on a run, you may find a waterproof running backpack or cover quickly becomes indispensable. A good one will have chest and waist straps for a tight and comfortable fit, while keeping your things nice and dry.

Helpful tips for running In the rain

To help you make the most of your wet weather exercise, here are five extra tips for running in the rain.

✔ Wear reflective running clothing

High viz and reflective running gear is super important for running in low light. It helps you to be seen by other road users, keeping you safe on quiet and busy routes alike.

✔ Wear lightweight clothing that’s quick and easy to dry

Prioritise lightweight materials for running in the rain, which are quick to dry. This stops you from getting weighed down too much when you’re running, and will keep you more comfortable if the rain lets up.

✔ Take a spare set of running clothes

If you’re ending your run away from home, take a spare set of running clothes if you’re going to run back. Even if that means taking another spare set of normal clothes to wear in the meantime. It’s not the most fun having to put soaking wet things back on.

✔ Beware the chafe

Chafing is another thing that’s not the most fun. Running in wet clothes can increase the risk of chafing in areas like your underarms and inner thighs. Anti-chafing products can help, along with wearing tight base layers such as compression tops and running tights or lycra shorts.

✔ Change out of wet clothes straight away

Get changed into dry clothes or take a shower as soon as you can after a run in the wet. This isn’t only to warm up if it’s cold. Moisture can lead to things like rashes, yeast infections and other conditions, so getting out of your wet gear quickly will benefit your skin.

Yes, it can be harder to get yourself up for a run in the rain. But with the right gear, your experience can be a lot more enjoyable. And you’ll feel great after sticking to your routine come rain or shine. For all the gear you need for running in the rain, check out our full range of reflective running clothing.
Article by Holly Townsend
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