Fully Reflective Explorer Dog Vest


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  • REFLECT360 Technology (CE EN 2047 certified)
  • 360-degree reflectivity
  • Fits a variety of breeds from Spaniel to German Shepherds
  • Adjustable elasticated strap with 2 x clips
  • Peforated outer layer for additional ventilation
  • Durable woven fabric underneath
  • Lead hole on upper back
  • Machine washable

Our commitment to technology is evident in features like REFLECT360, a game-changing material embedded with reflective glass beads that ensure maximum visibility from all angles.

Whether you're cycling through city streets or running on dark trails, REFLECT360 keeps you safe without compromising performance.

Embrace our cutting-edge advancements and experience how technology can enhance your performance and prioritize your safety like never before.

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"These excellent dog coats look grey in daylight, but when the fabric picks up an external light source, such as car headlights or a torch, they prove astonishingly reflective""

Introducing the latest addition to our Reflect360 range – the Proviz Reflective Dog Vest. Designed with your four-legged companion's safety in mind, this innovative harness is equipped with our signature Reflect360 technology, offering 360-degree reflectivity. Now, whether you're out for an early morning walk or an evening adventure with your furry friend, visibility and safety are top priorities. The Reflect360 dog vest ensures that your pet stands out in any lighting conditions, making those outdoor excursions not only enjoyable but also safer than ever.

Crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as all Proviz products, our Reflective Dog Vest combines comfort and style with enhanced visibility. The harness is fully adjustable, allowing for a secure and snug fit on dogs of all sizes (please select the size for your dog). Plus, it's super easy to put on and remove, making it hassle-free for both pet and owner. So, get ready to embark on your next adventure with your loyal companion, knowing you're both protected by the advanced safety features of the Proviz Reflective Dog Vest.

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