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Women's Cycling Reflective & Waterproof Jacket


Colour: Pink
Size (US): 2
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  • Extremely Waterproof (10,000mm) & Waterproof storm zip
  • Extremely breathable (10,000gm/24hr)
  • Micro fleece-lined collar for added comfort and warmth
  • Quick-dry mesh lining for extra comfort
  • Reflect360 paneling on arms, shoulders, and lower back for highest visibility
  • Adjustable waistband and velcro cuff
  • Seam-sealed for extra waterproofing
  • Side pockets
  • Low-profiled rear spray guard
  • Machine washable
  • Weight - 440g

Our commitment to technology is evident in features like REFLECT360, a game-changing material embedded with reflective glass beads that ensure maximum visibility from all angles.

Whether you're cycling through city streets or running on dark trails, REFLECT360 keeps you safe without compromising performance.

Embrace our cutting-edge advancements and experience how technology can enhance your performance and prioritize your safety like never before.

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Winner of Best Overall Jacket in Best Hi Viz Jackets for 2022- Best Very impressive high-vis/reflective jacket for wet and dark or even bright and dry conditions.
Keep yourself visible as nights get darker.
The Nightrider Jacket aims to provide waterproof protection while still being breathable so it should be a handy all-rounder with more than just visibility benefits.
The Nightrider jacket: a seamless fusion of the acclaimed reflective REFLECT360 material and a high-spec super visible, waterproof, and supremely breathable fabric. Experience the ultimate day-to-night versatility for year-round cycling.

Day-to-Night Excellence: The Nightrider jacket combines REFLECT360 reflective material on the arms, shoulders, and lower back, with a high-performance, super-visible colour fabric. This dynamic duo ensures uncompromised visibility whether you're cycling during the day or night, catering to your year-round cycling needs.

Reflective Marvel: Crafted with millions of embedded tiny reflective beads, the jacket's material captures and reflects light, significantly enhancing your visibility to drivers. By day, it exudes a high-visibility colour, but by night, it transforms with highest levels of reflectivity when exposed to external light sources.

Optimal Comfort: Embrace an impeccable balance of breathability and temperature regulation with our highly breathable material (10,000 gm/24hr), while the outstanding waterproofing (10,000mm) guarantees you'll stay dry, with any excess moisture finding a swift escape.

Embrace the Nightrider: Elevate your cycling experience with the Nightrider jacket by Proviz. Embodying the fusion of technology, visibility, and comfort, it's your essential companion for conquering the day and night, rain or shine. Rediscover the joy of cycling with unrivaled confidence and safety.

Why you'll love your
Nightrider Cycling Jacket

The Material

A new combination of our REFLECT360 retro-reflective material and high-spec fluorescent material give a perfect combination for day and night use. The combination gives the jacket a waterproof and breathability rating of 10,000mm & 10,000gm/24hr.

Waterproof Zip with Garage

Not just a neater way to fasten your Nightrider cycling jacket, the simple and effective zip garage at the top of the waterproof storm zip ensures that you do not experience any nasty neck chafing when your jacket is zipped all the way up.

Micro-Fleece Collar

Staying safe on your bike during the dull days and long, dark winter evenings should not have to mean a compromise on comfort. Our Nightrider cycling jacket features a micro-fleece lined collar for extra warmth and comfort during colder months.


This innovative jacket features hard wearing cuffs with hook and loop attachments. These can be easily adjusted by the user to suit their size and specific requirements. Keep them loose during the spring/summer to facilitate airflow, or tighten them up to keep out cold, wintry weather.

Waterproof Side Pockets

The Nightrider jacket incorporates two waterproof side pockets to house all of the gear needed on your ride. A handy zip pull is attached for easy access when wearing gloves in the colder months.

Adjustable Waist

Use the easily accessible adjustment toggle to pull the waistband to your desired fit. Particularly useful on those rainy days to ensure no spray from the tyres goes up your back!











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