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Hi Visibility Waterproof Fleece Lined Dog Coat



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  • Mix of yellow 'Hi-viz' weatherproof polyester and our REFLECT360 reflective material
  • Micro-fleece inside lining
  • Waterproof
  • Harness attachment hole
  • Adjustable neck and chest strap
  • 6 different sizes
  • Machine washable

Our commitment to technology is evident in features like REFLECT360, a game-changing material embedded with reflective glass beads that ensure maximum visibility from all angles.

Whether you're cycling through city streets or running on dark trails, REFLECT360 keeps you safe without compromising performance. Additionally, our Pixelite range combines reflective and LED elements to take visibility to the next level, with strategically placed panels and optional LED lights ensuring you're seen in even the most challenging conditions.

Embrace our cutting-edge advancements and experience how technology can enhance your performance and prioritize your safety like never before.

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Following the incredible popularity of the REFLECT360 dog coat, we were asked by our customers for another model that features a blend of 'Hi-viz' and REFLECT360 materials. The Classic Waterproof Dog Coat features a blend of waterproof 'Hi-viz' material that is ideal for keeping your dog dry on those wintry and wet days but also the fluorescent nature of the material helps to keep your dog more visible by day if you are out on the roads by day. The REFLECT360 reflective strips down the side of the coat reflect light when you are out in the dark. When a vehicle's headlight shine on the material it appears bright white making your dog more easily seen. This model is a perfect hybrid for those out walking their dogs at dusk when you need a mix of fluorescent and reflective materials.

Why you'll love your
Classic Waterproof Dog Coat

The Material

Utilising a miix of fluorescent yellow 'Hi-viz' weatherproof polyester and our REFLECT360 reflective material your dog is more easily seen at day and night.

Harness Hole

If your dog wears a harness then no problem. We've integrated a harness hold so the dog coat can be worn over the top.

Velcro Fastening

Using Velcro fastening you can put on and remove your dog's coat in a flash!

Micro-Fleece Lining

Micro-fleece lining helps keep your dog cosy and dry when out in the rain, sleet and snow.

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