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Keep your feet warm and dry with our cycling overshoes. Experience optimal protection and performance with our high-quality gear. Shop now and elevate your cycling experience.
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Reflective Cycling Overshoes



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Your autumn and winter cycling kit wardrobe is not complete without a quality pair of cycling overshoes, especially if you commute by bike. Available in a range of colour options, from distinctive hi-vis yellow to subtle black, and in a range of sizes (from small to XXL), Proviz waterproof overshoes will enhance your comfort on winter rides and in wet conditions. They do this by preventing water ingress in wet weather, keeping your feet warm in cold weather and protecting your cycling footwear from mud and road spray during your ride.

Made with our signature REFLECT360 reflective material, which incorporates millions of tiny glass beads that reflect the light from external sources (such as car headlights), Proviz overshoes are perfect for a range of weather scenarios, from low light conditions on dull winter days to showery days and cold rides.

Lightweight, reflective and durable, Proviz waterproof overshoes are adjustable at the ankle and under the sole and reinforced at the heel and toe. A cycling essential for all dedicated foul-weather riders who don't want to arrive at their destinations in need of a full outfit change.

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